This is exactly what my source (Stefan) described happening last fall, in the TT’s exclusive tell all on the asylum seeker reception center scandal in Finland.

Stefan: So I asked, why do you need a ”normal country’s” passport? Because they want to lose the trail afterward, it works like this. He said that a relative of his had a certain ”Asian look”, (some Afghans have those features) the smuggler made a Chinese passport for her. She pretended to be a Chinese national and they put a German visa in it.

They flew all the way to Germany, since she had a visa she wasn’t fingerprinted, she went from the airport, threw away her Chinese passport and headed for the refugee center and claimed to be an Afghan refugee who came by foot.

So that’s how it works. There are lots of fake passports. He (Afghan refugee in Finland) said that there’s a vast majority of fake visas and passports.

This has been well known by the authorities.

Cologne migrant rapists ‘Moroccan criminals who entered Germany posing as Syrian refugees’

THE twisted migrant rapists who sexually assaulted hundreds of women in Cologne were a gang of Moroccans who entered Germany illegally by posing as Syrian refugees, it has been claimed.


PEGIDA protestors march following the Cologne attacksGETTY

The Cologne sex attackers were actually criminals from Morocco, a German newspaper has claimed

German authorities are probing whether or not the depraved sex attackers were part of a huge criminal organisation run by illegal immigrants from north Africa.

An investigation by a German newspaper has revealed how Moroccans are flying into Turkey on holiday visas before infiltrating groups of genuine Syrian refugees and making the journey across to Greece.

Many carry out extensive preparations in order to make their eventual asylum applications more convincing, making up elaborate back stories about escaping the clutches of Islamic State (ISIS) and learning the Syrian dialect of Arabic.

A recent video posted online even showed two Moroccan teenagers learning the Syrian national anthem, apparently in preparation for a planned attempt to travel to Europe and claim asylum.

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  1. ” Germany sex attack suspects from Syria ”
    Policeman: ‘That’s the truth. Although it hurts’
    ” […] A police officer in Cologne, Germany, the site of the New Years’ Eve sexual attacks on several women, said nearly all of the suspects who’ve been arrested share a common trait: They’re all newly arrived Syrian migrants.[…]”

    “[…] In a separate development that could further stoke public anger, it emerged on Thursday that three Syrians have been arrested in southern Germany on suspicion of the gang rape of two teenage girls on New Year’s Eve.[…]”

    Actually, people from Morocco were arrested under larceny charges.
    And police officers who were in the frontline told that rapists were syrian refugees indeed.
    Merkel and her collaborators tried as much as they can to manipulate people through the mainstream medias and to make people from Morocco to carry the can in order to cover her mistakes about taking with open arms thousands of rapists from Syria.

    ‘Syria Has a Massive Rape Crisis’

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