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It all depends upon how you define corruption.

Finland is run by statists, and it has immersed itself within an even more statist political enterprise, the EU. The more centralization of concentrated power, the higher the risk of political and financial corruption. It takes shape in whitewashed/sanitized corruption in backroom deals and government initiatives brokered by lobbyists and pressure groups. The Global Warming industry and mass movement of migrants are concrete proof of it.

Big business sucks at the teat of big centralized government, that’s why big centralized government is created, for the benefit of crony big business operatives. The more directives and regulations you have, the less you have, but the more the chosen few have, as they use government to better their competition. These aren’t free marketers, but welfare (fake) capitalists. Finland is rife with them, it’s Pollyanna (Finnish: Blue Eyed) to think otherwise.

Finland: World’s second-least corrupt nation?

The Nordic countries – led by Denmark and Finland – are the world’s least corrupt, according to the latest survey by the NGO Transparency International (TI).

Finland is back in second place this year. Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2015, released on Wednesday, weighs graft in 168 countries. This year Finland ranks just behind Denmark as the world’s second-least corrupt nation. Last year Finland was third behind New Zealand, which now slips to fourth after Sweden. The Netherlands and Norway round out the top half-dozen. The UK is in shared tenth place, with the US in 16th.

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NOTE: Take a look at the picture chosen by the YLE editor, it’s to highlight corruption only on the local level, between citizen and the police force. Yes they mention TeliSonera bribery scandal, but that’s in conjunction with Uzbekistan, not big business and government officials in the Global Warming boondoggle industry.

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