Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Have no sympathy for those hoodwinking the citizenry.

If the so called ”refugee” has been living elsewhere, and for three years, they’re no longer ”refugees” fleeing from a war zone, they’re economic tourists.

Asylum seekers in the north claim threats and swindles by smugglers

Asylum seekers arriving in Finnish Lapland from Russia say they were swindled and threatened by human smugglers in Murmansk. More than 800 asylum seekers have entered the country at border crossing points with Russia in Finnish Lapland since the autumn.

Turvapaikanhakijoiden käyttämä auto Sallan rajanylityspaikalla 7.1.2016
A car used by asylum seekers for a crossing at Salla on the 7th of January. Image: Tapani Leisti / Yle

On Thursday, 21 Afghan asylum seekers crossed the border from Russia at the Salla crossing point. They drove to the border in two old cars they had purchased in Murmansk, about 400 km away. They told Yle that they paid thousands of euros for the cars.

They made the final leg of their journey to Finland on one of the coldest days of the winter. The previous night the thermometer had plunged to almost -40C and when they arrived at Salla, it was still -25C. The Afghan asylum seekers were wearing normal winter clothing that does not provide protection for long in such bitter cold. One woman feared that her child had suffered carbon monoxide poisoning from exhaust fumes in the crowded vehicle.

Anonymously and off-camera they told Yle that they had been cheated, swindled and threatened by human smugglers in Murmansk. Some of them said that they had been living for three years in Moscow and had arrived in Murmansk by plane a month ago. They said that they paid thousands of euros to human smugglers, or “the mafia” as they called them.

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