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Enough is enough already.

The UK has made British Law into a Benny Hill parody sketch long enough, time to step back from the edge of the abyss and re-establish rule of law and not of men.

Independent Review into the Treatment of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (also known as Tommy Robinson)

I’m appealing to David Cameron as I don’t know who is in charge of these independent reviews. I am extremely distressed by the way the authorities have treated Stephen Yaxley Lennon – former leader of the EDL.

Before I start I will say that I am not affiliated with Tommy in any way and have no political agenda. I have just seen this man treated completely unfairly by the supposed “best justice system in the world”.

Tommy was sentenced to 18 months in prison for mortgage fraud in 2013. I am unaware of the ins and outs of his conviction, but I know he was released a few months later with licence restrictions that were completely unrelated to the crime he committed.

He was recalled to prison before he made an arranged speech at the Oxford Union. After release, he made his speech at OU, which has gained the sympathy of many people who were previously against Tommy.

A week or so before the end of his licence, he was once again recalled. This time, he wasn’t even told the reasons for his recall. Whatever the reasons, he wasn’t segregated from people who violent criminals who want to kill him.

Tommy has once again been arrested. For whatever reason, this is clearly an illegal attempt to silence him. Tommy has strong views against militant Islam, and there is a deep concern that somebody is trying to keep him quiet.

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