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If not for Breitbart, Vlad Tepes, Pamela Geller, Gates of Vienna and a host of other anti-islamization voices (yours truly included) who have kept this issue hot on the front pages, the yellow media would not be finally coming around to report on the ground breaking story.

Like Raheem Kassam says, 

Sure, they’re all playing catch up now. The story is far too big for them to ignore. They simply can’t afford for Breitbart London to dominate the millions of clicks flooding to this story. But it’s why we exist.

Post-Cologne: Aggressive, Pro Mass Migration, Breitbart Critics Have Fallen Silent

Forget Kim Jong Un’s “H-Bomb“. Forget cry baby Obama. The biggest story in the world right now is the migrant rape scandal engulfing Germany. And it started (in the English language) right here.

I have a friend who remarked to me, “I saw you post about something like that to Facebook… I couldn’t believe you’d post such bullshit… until I saw it was true”.

Accordingly, the pro mass migration, anti-Breitbart trolls that follow me around onFacebook, Twitter, e-mail, and sometimes even in real life, have fallen deathly silent. And I’m disturbed by it.

Far from a victory lap – for no such thing to be done around an issue this deeply disturbing – consider this a call to fellow journalists to do their jobs more responsibly.

In the last 24 hours, we’ve already seen accusations about how the authorities “covered up” the scandal in the days after New Year’s Eve.

But secondly, it has become clear that most media outlets failed in their responsibilities on this story.

The German State Broadcaster, ZDF, has already had to apologise for its “slow” coverage of the incidents. This is of course the same broadcaster that has launched a new Arab-language online service, and subtitled German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pro-mass migration New Year’s speech with Arabic subtitles.

Could it be that ZDF has been compromised by its own fealty towards Chancellor Merkel’s policies, and of course its land grab for Arab-speaking citizens? Almost certainly.

But how do you explain the slowness, or even the complete lack of coverage in some instances, from the likes of the BBC, Sky News, the New York Times, the Telegraph and others?

More here.

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