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I know that there are radical marxist Kurdish groups vying for complete control over the entire Kurdish project for self determination.

The PKK (a very large contingent) is just one of the many Kurdish groups in and outside Kurdistan. I obviously have no sympathy towards one set of thugs seeking to overthrow another set of thugs, but I do have a sense for strategy.

The Turks are using the situation to quash, or at least to diminish the Kurdish nationalist movement (national self determination). However, it’s this same panoply of Kurdish groups who are taking the fight to the Islamic State jihadis, the latter of which who pose a world threat. The Kurds as a single or multiple headed entity pose only a regional threat (to Turkey/Syria/Iraq/Iran), in terms of carving out a state in their ancient homeland.

NOTE: I’ll choose the Kurds over the Turks and the Islamic State jihadis any day of the week, until further notice.

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