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No time for blowhards.

“Perhaps we Finns are not the most empathetic people, when attitudes like this become so clearly evident? Empathy is the ability to put oneself in another person’s situation and seek to understand their human experience, regardless of all of the differences between us. Can it be so that we are not able feel empathy as well as other people?”

How dare you preach to the people in light of all of what we know about these muslim settlers.

The people of Finland are a good people, a very empathetic people, but what we object to is people coming here under false pretenses, from an area teeming with islamonazi jihadis who have already warned that they will be infiltrating the masses of muslim economic tourists, and already have been caught doing so.

How dare you preach to us about ”not caring”, when we spend millions in foreign aid, as well as going into debt in order to keep the spending going. How dare you preach to us when the forces of islam are marching throughout the West, imposing their anti-enlightenment values and judicial system (sharia law) upon not only those who follow the death cult creed, but also upon the host society. 

How dare you preach to us about empathy for these Jew haters, do you really want Finns to place themselves in their shoes and be as anti-Semitic as they are? Really? You  are a know nothing, a Quisling, talking gas-bag who hasn’t the rudimentary understanding of the ideology these people adhere to, in spite of supposedly fleeing the more ardent followers of their faith. Given time, they’ll be pushing it down your and our throats. How about some empathy for us?

How dare you preach to us at all.

Bishop: Empathy and self-sacrifice are the way forward

This Christmas season, Lutheran bishop Simo Peura appeals to Finland’s residents to tune into their sense of empathy. He says the events of 2015, like failed labour talks and rising xenophobia in response to the refugee crisis, have put Finnish cooperation and humanitarianism to the test – with disappointing results.

Pieni turvapaikanhakijatyttö vastaanottokeskuksessa tyhjän pöydän ääressä.
A little girl at one of Finland’s one hundred-plus asylum seeker reception centres. Image: Yle

Located in the western part of the country, the Diocese of Lapua is one of nine dioceses within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Lapua diocese bishop Simo Peura speaks about peace, sacrifice and empathy as the year winds down.

He says the Finnish society has encountered some major issues in 2015.

“This has been a pretty tough year for Finland. I have a feeling that many people here are confused and perhaps wondering about what kind of future this country will face. There’s a lot of concern in the air,” he said.

A dignified life

His first example is the influx of migrants from war-torn countries in the south, which started in August.

“When it comes to asylum seekers, it’s simply a matter of securing a dignified life for them – and our personal responsibility to the people we live with and the conditions they must live under,” says Peura.


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  1. He’ s insultng the finnish people.My personal experience with them is that they are a generous and kindhearted kind pf people with a great sense fot freedom ,how dare he say anything else!!!

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