Dhimmitude Paleostinians



This is why Western leaders should take with a grain of salt anything that these Christian leaders say publically, especially while on a mission for their Muslim masters while abroad.

Palestinian Christians feel they have to speak out against Israeli “occupation,” because if they don’t, Muslims would perceive their silence as tacit support for Israel.

Christmas in Jerusalem

Santa distributes free Christmas trees in the Old City.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Christmas in Bethlehem this year will be more somber than joyful, reflecting the same tense security situation that also dimmed the bright lights of Hanukka recently.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal will leave the capital at the head of the traditional festive motorcade for Bethlehem, where he will lead Christmas Eve Mass in the Church of the Nativity.

But the spirit of Yasser Arafat is due to play the Ghost of Christmas Past once again at Midnight Mass in Bethlehem, his empty chair in the Church of the Nativity symbolizing the legacy of terrorism he has bequeathed the region.

Three Christmases are celebrated in Bethlehem: December 25 is the traditional date observed by Roman Catholics and the Protestant denominations, but Greek, Coptic and Syrian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 6, and Armenian Orthodox Christians on January 19.

Lots of celebrations – but fewer and fewer Christians.

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