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Jewish homes in Samaria and Judea are completely legal. (that’s for another day)

This is worth going back to, since the Christmas holidays are here, and anti-Israel propagandists use any and all means to smear the Jewish state during this period.

This isn’t to justify the existence of the settlements, or to soften the debate about their legality. It is to illustrate the simple point that Breaking the Silence appears to be sexing up the harshness of the Israeli presence on the West Bank by focussing only on its very worst manifestation. That is to say, it is warping the terms of the debate. And it is funded largely by Europe, and by extension the UK.

Whatever your view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is surely self-evident that it must be based on the truth of the situation, not a biased and partial interpretation of it.

It is debatable whether Breaking the Silence should be criticised for publicly undermining their own military, and showing no impulse to view with leniency the actions of soldiers in extremis (again, think of Marine A). But the fact that their personal testimony is harnessed to a political agenda is indisputably problematic.

NOTE: When the main aim is towards a political goal, Leftists can be counted on to lie through their teeth in order to achieve it, the ends always justifies the means for them. It’s very similar to the Muslims use of taqiyya.

Why are European powers (and Oxfam) funding a radical Israeli group?

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