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No nation can survive for long without a bona fide control of its borders.

Almost 100,000 illegal immigrants stopped at the UK border in ONE YEAR: As a million refugees enter the EU in 2015, the number trying to get into the UK doubles 

As 1m migrants enter the EU this year, number trying to enter the UK doubles 

Almost 100,000 migrants have tried to get into the UK over a 12-month period with a further 7,000 living on the outskirts of Calais, in a makeshift camp called ‘The Jungle’, until they are able to sneak onto a UK-bound truck. An estimated one million migrants have arrived in the EU this year, many of whom have expressed an interest in moving to the UK. British truck drivers have complained that French police seem uninterested in preventing migrants from swarming their trailers as they wait to cross the channel.

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