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It’s another example of the difference in cultures.

If only Israel had neighbors like the Finns, they wouldn’t be defending themselves from total destruction.

NOTE: Both Scandinavia and ‘Palestine’ are similar, in that they denote a region, but not a people. Different languages of Swedish/Danish/Norwegian/Icelandic and Finnish, all belong to the region but make up distinct peoples, ethnic nationalities. Same with the entire region of formerly known ‘Palestine’: Jews, Syrians, Jordanians and northern Egyptians.

Norwegians campaign to give Finland a mountain

Norwegians campaign to give Finland a mountain

The Haldi mountain straddles the border of Finland and Norway. Photo: Ken Bartlett/

Published: 16 Dec 2015 23:10 GMT+01:00

The campaign, “Halti as an anniversary gift” has won the support of the head of the Norwegian Mapping Authority, and been warmly received in Finland where one commentator claimed the gesture “would be remembered for a thousand years”.
“The aim of the site is to see how many Norwegians are interested in giving Finland the peak of the Halti mountain, which is 20 metres within our borders, as an anniversary gift in 2017,” the campaigners wrote at the launch of campaign site on Facebook on December 8th.
More here.  H/T: Fjordman

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