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If it were a 3rd world village defending its historical non-christian religious background the Left would be thumping its chest in approval.

‘Profoundly Christian’ Village Puts Up Sign Telling Newcomers to Respect Western Tradition Or Leave

An Italian village in the fiercely independent north has erected a sign proclaiming their proud Christian, Western tradition, but have invited the scorn of the politically correct in doing so.

Pontoglio, a village of 7,000 in Lombardy put up the road sign below their official road signs at the limits of the settlement. Setting out to visitors and newcomers the exact standards of behaviour expected of them, the official Italian-style road sign reads:

pontoglio 2

The village of Pontoglio / Comune di Pontoglio Facebook

“This village is of Western culture and is profoundly Christian.

“Those who do not respect these cultures and traditions will be invited to leave”.

Far from being a piece of guerilla installation art or a sardonic statement about hardening attitudes towards refugees in northern Italy, the sign has been legally errected in accordance with Italian law by the mayor of Pontoglio, who first sought the permission of the town council.

Explaining his motivations in a letter, Mayor Alessandro Seghezzi was moved to order the sign because he wanted to preserve the area’s cultural values and defend his own citizens,reports

The sign is “an invitation to respect the culture and traditions. A culture that is based on mutual respect: from the woman to music, from the costumes, from customs to the traditional rites. Respect for others, is for us, the first real form of civilization and liberty”, he said.

Many news outlets have reported that mayor Seghezzi’s sign has generated controversy, with Britain’s Daily Mail and the Huffington Post both reporting it to be “racist” and directed primarily at Muslims. Yet anger at the signs seems predominantly centred around Facebook and Twitter.

A colleague of the mayor, councillor Paolo Bocchi leapt to the defence of the sign, remarking that any offence taken was merely down to individuals interpreting the sign with their own prejudices. Indeed, “there is nothing racist… this is historical information, this is our tradition. I dare anyone to say Pontoglio has no Christian traditions”.


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