Finnish Immigration Concerns Islam in Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS


Let’s ensure that the rest (40 000) do the same.


They all should never, have ever, been let inside the country at all. The government’s first priority is towards the citizens of it OWN country, not towards those who have no affinity for the Finnish system that’s 100% opposite to that of their own, even under good times.

Importing tens of thousands of Jew-America hating Muslims, especially during a time of international jihad and threat of their operatives infiltrating along with these supposed refugees, is pure insanity and contempt for the Finnish citizen.

Thousands of asylum applications already withdrawn

A significant number of the Iraqi asylum seekers who arrived in Finland during the early autumn have either withdrawn their applications or are in the process of withdrawing them. Officials expect that the number of cancellations will reach as high as 3,000 by the end of the year.

Nuoria turvapaikanhakijoita Oulun vastaanottokeskuksessa
There were at least two high points to the week at the Oulu reception centre. On Tuesday, Santa, Mrs Claus and some reindeer paid a call and on Wednesday single male residents were paid an allowance much of which was spent in local shops for the purchase of two weeks’ provisions. Around 20 adult asylum seekers at the centre have decided to voluntarily leave the country. Image: Timo Sipola / Yle

Top Interior Ministry official Permanent Secretary Päivi Nerg told Yle that as of Thursday the number of asylum applications that had been withdrawn nationwide stood at 2,700.

The number of asylum seekers cancelling their application process started to rise in the late autumn. Most of those who have decided to leave the country are Iraqi nationals. According to Nerg, the majority are people who arrived in Finland in late September and early October.

An increasing number of asylum seekers who entered Finland from Sweden are also returning to that country.

No progress in easing work

There has been discussion for several months about easing restrictions on gainful employment for asylum seekers, but the issue has been stalled for the past few weeks.

“After three months, an asylum seeker whose documents are in order can work. Now, there is the matter of whether or not to eliminate the three month restriction, or to retain a one-month quarantine. This has not got to the final decision-making stage,” Päivi Nerg explained to Yle.

Right now, there are thousands of people in reception centre who are entitled to seek jobs and start working. Other matters yet to be settled are how to pay working asylum seekers who don’t have bank accounts in Finland, and how to get such people accounts.

So far, employers who have asylum seekers working for them have taken the relatively unusual route of paying in cash.


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