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Toss em to the crocs mate…….

Ugly scenes in Cronulla as police arrest anti-racism activists during protest against far-right group’s halal-free BBQ to celebrate ten year anniversary of riots

A man shouts as he is taken away by police during an event against the 0th anniversary of the Cronulla riots rally on Saturday

A man shouts as he is taken away by police during an event against the 0th anniversary of the Cronulla riots rally on Saturday

  • People have gathered in Cronulla to remember the 2005 riots and two men had been arrested by about 2pm
  • Heavy police presence was in place but the right-wing group gathered at Don Lucas Reserve was small
  • Vocal opposition to the far-right group holding the barbecue also arrived in Cronulla on Saturday
  • Police had to keep the two groups separated during the course of the event but managed to keep it under control 
  • The anti-Islam group had planned to hold a rally to mark the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla riots
  • But the Cronulla riots ‘memorial rally’ was blocked by NSW Supreme Court Judge on Friday
  • A far-right activist, Nick Folkes, claims his car tyres were slashed on riot anniversary before he attended  

Two people have been arrested at a halal-free barbecue being held in place of the Cronulla riots ‘memorial’ rally as a group of anti-racism protesters attended the event.

About 80 right-wing activists converged on Don Lucas Reserve for the ’10 year memorial’ of the 2005 Cronulla riots – but they were outnumbered by police and protesters.

A police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia a 58-year-old man from Warilla was arrested for offensive behaviour and a 25-year-old man from Seaforth for breaching the peace.

As the barbecue went ahead with right-wing speakers addressing those assembled via loudhailer, the chanting protesters attempted to break away from the police surrounding them at times, however, police managed to keep control.

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  1. My second attempt to get through.

    The so called Cronulla riots was a total beat up.

    That event followed years of harassment of young Australian women at Cronulla beach by young muslim men who would travel to Cronulla beach from other suburbs.

    As for this article, anybody who harbours reservations or doubts about the wisdom of taking in large numbers of poorly vetted muslim immigrants is labelled “far right”.

    The wave of muslim immigrants to Australia in the past twenty years reflects the sad fact that by and large these people do not embrace Australian values and culture.

    Australians are now becoming increasingly aware and concerned about jihad and the dangers to safety that are now evident in the community.

    There are productive muslim citizens who do make good citizens, and who do not follow the Quran and the Sunna. but they irrelevant and in the main will not speak out.

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