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With yesterday’s arrest by Finnish Security Police of two tards posing as asylum seekers, who were complicit in the murder/execution of 11 unarmed air force cadets in Tikrit Iraq in 2014, yes, people have justifiable fears over what the loon Left and our politicians are doing to us.

“We Are Surrounded by Threats and by Fear”

Of the member states of the European Union, the nations of the former East Bloc are the most sensible and politically incorrect on the topic of immigration. And this is true of those nations that were not even nations, but Soviet Socialist Republics, from 1940 to 1991 — Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, among others.

The following article from Tages-Anzeiger features a Latvian theater director who doesn’t subscribe to the PC zeitgeist concerning the open-borders attitudes of Western Europeans. The German variant is known as Willkommenskultur, whose detractors use the word to mean, roughly, “bleeding-heart liberal migrant-loving madness”.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation. The translator includes this note:

Apparently Alvis Hermanis’ letter to the Tages-Anzeiger has made waves. He is now being accused of being a racist bigot. Arif Pirincci knows all about that.

The translated article:

“Do You Believe That 40 Million Polish Citizens are Neo-Nazis?”

The Latvian theater director Alvis Hermanis doesn’t want to produce in Hamburg — as a protest against the German Willkommenskultur.

Quite a few German theaters are strongly engaged for the refugees. The Deutsch Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, for instance, made room for the housing of sixty refugees. And the Thalia theatre rearranged their repertoire and created a “refugee café”; recently a few young refugees were given the opportunity to speak in the piece “Ankommen” (Arriving). At the start of the season, the Thalia called on people to donate. “Theatre is a social space. Artistic work is born from the social. That is why so many different activities go hand in hand here,” Joachim Lux, the director, said recently. “Through big, common themes we can create a sort of insight […], the theatre is part of all of this.”

Alvis Hermanis, Latvian director, cancelled his theater project “Russia. Endgames” at the Thalia theatre. He wrote up his reasons for It shows how even among artists there is a divergence of viewpoints on the refugee situation and how it is being handled. His explanation is as follows:

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