Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


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Regarding a rape case in Kempele, Finland, allegedly by 2 asylum seekers.

Supposedly a refugee is coming to Finland due to the conflict in his/her own home country, looking for safety and stability. Unfortunately however, majority seem to be these gold digging migrants who have paid hefty sum of money in hope to get a good paying job in Europe and have some fun on the side. Keeping this investment, mentality and attitude in mind, it is no wonder that these migrants don’t care about and respect the culture and laws of the host country.

Exchanging few words in a public transportation does not construe an invitation to harassment. Cleavage does not mean that the woman is available. Cultural difference doesn’t give reason for rape. Not even in muslim country. These refugees are having very weird ideas of the laws and culture in Finland.

I don’t ask for servility and bowing but a little bit of gratitude and respect it would get you, The Asylum seeker, in much better books instead of ranting of how the food is bad, beds are hard and there are no good TV shows.

Inability and disinclination to cope with and integrate to culture is sending very clear message. One is really not in dire distress if he doesn’t feel the need to respect the host country. We will not change our laws and customs to please you and if what we have in here doesn’t satisfy you or you can’t respect of what we are offering, then fuck-off.

Kempele is the home municipality of Finland’s Prime minister Juha Sipilä, who promised his home for the asylum seekers.

Kyllä Vituttaa.

TT: The ”magic dirt theory” is pernicious, it demands us to believe that the mere touching of another country’s soil will transform the new arrivee ( eventually) into a solid citizen and patriot, when contrarily, it greatly matters what is between the migrants ears long before they arrive.

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