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A brief impulse of sanity met with Leftist rage…….

Swedish Leftists engage in cognitive dissonance on a daily basis, so much so, that they can never be counted on to differentiate between signs of actual misogynist oppression and liberating inclusion. They trumpet the outward symbol of the sharia (islamic headscarf) while condemning those of us (even ex-muslims) who point to it being symbolic of draconian, liberty quashing totalitarianism. They are completely off the rail.

Hijab mural painted over with hair at Swedish mall

Hijab mural painted over with hair at Swedish mall

The centre’s management insisted that hair (right) was painted over the hijab (left). Photo: Pia Jönsson/Facebook
Published: 28 Nov 2015 22:17 GMT+01:00

A shopping centre in Sweden forced a youth group it had commissioned to paint a mural to cover up a hijab they had put on a woman by concealing it under a new hair style.

“It’s so horrible you almost can’t believe it’s true,” complained Pia Jönsson, whose husband Magnus Heberlein works for a local anti-racism group, in a post on Facebook.

“What kind of message are you sending to customers? How can you play into the hands of racists in such a disgusting way.”

According to Jönsson, the management at Burlövs center, just outside Malmö had commissioned UNITY Burlov, and Ungdomsgruppen Burlov, two local youth groups, to paint the murals, which were intended to express the diversity of he local area.

But when the hijab started to appear, the group painting the mural were called in to a meeting and informed that the hijab was not acceptable, as the shopping centre was secular and did not want to display religious symbols.

“The young people are angry and sad. They have grown up in this municipality, and are proud of its diversity and want to show it off as something beautiful. But they have been trampled on.”

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