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No. The socialist state produces a traumatized people.


After decades of socialist state coercion of society,  bringing it more dependent upon the government, they now notice that Finnish men are not able to stand on their own two feet, and insist they connect on a deeper emotional level within themselves to express their feelings.

NOTE: I simply loathe these 21st century snake oil salesmen. It’s never the government that’s created a society of dependency and increased systemic unemployment that’s to blame, just the people whom they have manipulated.

Psychologist: “Our culture produces traumatized men”

A man loses his job. Or his wife leaves him. He can’t talk to anyone about it; other men would just think he is a loser. His self-esteem is crushed and his shame burns just below the surface. How can he cope if he can’t express his feelings?

Mies ja pilvinen taivas
Image: Mari Nupponen / Yle

Job loss and divorce are traumatic life events for anyone, but many men don’t have the tools to deal with their feelings and are left alone with their problems.

Psychologist and psychotherapist Lauri Mannermaa speaks about the phenomenon of “male shame” – that overwhelming feeling some men are plagued by that says they have failed to be the man that society and other men expect.

“It starts already in childhood, when a boy learns how men are supposed to behave. In truth our entire culture produces traumatized men. We separate emotions from intellect,” he says.

According to Mannermaa, male shame takes hold when, for example, a man who has been let go from his job still gets up every morning and leaves for a cafe or the library, so his neighbours won’t realise that he is unemployed.

“Men find it mortifying to have to admit that they didn’t get a job or were laid off – that ‘I am bad’. Men take great pride in their ability to weather any storm. We can’t talk about our feelings; that would be even worse. Most would rather die than admit that they are weak,” he says.

Mannermaa says the male sex is lost in contemporary society, where their value is no longer measured by how well they have hunted for their family or built a shelter from the cold. Modern-day man is expected to have some level of emotional intelligence, both at work and in the home.

“Our modern age is becoming less cognitive (knowledge-based) and more emotive (feelings-based). Few men are well-enough equipped for this,” says Mannermaa.

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