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Delegitimizing ISIS On Islamic Grounds: Criticism Of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi By Muslim Scholars

By: Prof. Ella Landau-Tasseron*

On September 19, 2014, a group of 126 Muslim scholars addressed an open letter to the ruler of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In it they severely criticize ISIS’ policies and actions, claiming that they are deviations from Islam, which is a merciful religion. In justifying their position, the critics sometimes cite the same texts used by ISIS, giving their own interpretation. It should be mentioned that the letter did not spark public debate in the Muslim world.

Below I present the points of the clerics’ criticism, with a short analysis of each point (marked by an asterisk).

  1. A Muslim claiming religious authority must have a formal education; he must correctly apply Koran,hadith and legal theory, consider all the texts relevant to any issue discussed, and avoid selective reading. ISIS religious authorities do not meet these requirements.

* Al-Baghdadi has a PhD in Islamic legal studies (Shari’a) from Baghdad University. This certainly makes him quite knowledgeable in Shari’a. Furthermore, reading sacred texts selectively is unavoidable because they always contain contradictions. The critics read selectively too, omitting or explaining away texts that do not fit their arguments.

  1. A religious authority must possess a mastery of Arabic. ISIS presents itself as the fulfilment of Allah’s promise in Koran 24: 55, “Allah has promised those who believe and do good works that He willestablish them as successors (la-yastakhlifannahum) [to those who preceded them] on earth…” ISIS maintains that the word la-yastakhlifannahum, derived from the same root as the word khilafa, refers to Al-Baghdadi’s Caliphate. This interpretation discloses ignorance of Arabic, as it distorts the true meaning of the verse.

* This verse has always been interpreted as foretelling the victory and conquests of the Prophet and the early caliphate in the seventh century. ISIS, emulating the pristine model, understandably applies the verse to itself. True, the word la-yastakhlifannahum does not literally refer to a caliphate, but some pre-modern Muslims thought that it did. This means that ISIS has not introduced a new uninformed interpretation.

[TT: There is a real pearl found at the very bottom of the text, by Prof. Ella Landau-Tasseron, that’s worth sharing, for it rips the rug from underneath these apologists’ and spinmeisters’ feet. It’s what I’ve been saying all along. The IS bases it’s actions and understandings of Islam upon the post-hijra Islamic texts of Mohamed. 100% These clerics spouting off that islam is this or that, are silent on this salient point brought up by this professor. ]


The critics are appalled by ISIS’ atrocities and do their best to delegitimize it. They make no reference to the fact that ISIS is building an Islamic state that revives past Islamic institutions, such as the contract between community and ruler (bay’a), the seizure of war booty, the poll tax on Christians, the Koranic punishments for specific crimes (hudud), Shari’a courts and civil courts (mazalim), the choice offered to polytheists between conversion and the sword, and the owning of slaves. ISIS’ goal, to make Allah’s word supreme (by force if necessary), is directly derived from pre-modern Sunni consensus. In modern times most Muslims are not driven to commit atrocities in order to implement this goal. However, objecting to it explicitly or refuting it convincingly is a difficult task, as this goal and the jihad needed to achieve it, are based on the core texts of Islam.

Both ISIS and its critics rely on Islamic texts, sometimes the very same texts. The nature and content of these texts require selective reading and allow various and even contradictory conclusions.

More here. H/T: Ilya Meyer

NOTE: Sunni consensus matters little ( I will say nothing at all) when it comes to following Islam’s founder Mohamed, deemed to be of perfect character, and commanded to emulate him in every way. They know that if Mohamed were alive today, he’d be riding with the Islamic State.
mo tunic 29.12.2011NOTE II: The Islamopologist Sheik abdullah Ibn Bayyah was in Finland recently spreading his bile about peaceful Islam, which the willing Finns willingly lapped up like a dog to vomit.

sheik bin bayyah kicked out

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  1. I was going to do a critique of this letter (there’s actually a rather large document dealing with the theology but I haven’t had time to read it all) but it’s so easy to pick holes in this letter.

    To give one example;

    “9. It is forbidden to label other Muslims “unbelievers” (takfir), as ISIS does.”

    -This is exactly what they’re doing of ISIS members.

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