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Finally, but way too little and way too late.

Like I keep saying, the importation of millions of Jew-hating Muslims into Europe, especially into Germany, the heartland, ground zero of the birthplace of the Jewish Holocaust, and the victimization of Israel that is fighting all its life against homicidal Arab Muslims trying to destroy it, proves to me that Europe, and its leaders have not learned anything, nor really care about the 6 million Jews they butchered.

germany muslim go bat crazy over mo-toons 3.5.2012

‘Limit the number of migrants allowed to enter Germany,’ Jewish leader tells Merkel

The leader of Germany’s Jewish community is calling on Chancellor Angela Merkel to impose limitations on the number of migrants being granted asylum in the country.

In an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt, Josef Schuster, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said that quotas are necessary in light of the fact that many of the million refugees expected to arrive in Germany this year “come from cultures where the hatred of Jews and intolerance is an integral part.”

“Many refugees are fleeing the terror of the Islamic State and want to live in peace and freedom, but at the same time they come from cultures in which hate towards Jews and intolerance are fixed components,” he said. “Don’t only think about the Jews, think about equal rights for women and the treatment of homosexuals.”

Merkel faced pressure from her own conservatives on Monday to change course on her open-door refugee policy after an affront by the leader of her Bavarian allies drove up tensions in her ruling coalition.

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