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All serious experts on radical Islam, people like Morgen Storm who infiltrated the highest command of Al-Qaeda and has studied Islam for ten years non-stop, are telling the Western authorities: “Those people are not coming to Europe and the West to live. They are coming to die”. Why on earth did Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, and all the rest of the Western leaders not have the sense of responsibility to listen? Western European leadership has failed in its most important duty, that is, to provide security and safety for their citizens.

But how can even the best intentions to limit Islamic radical threat be realistically carried on when the current government of Greece is enthusiastically letting all the hordes coming from the Middle East and Africa to get into Europe without bearing any responsibility for flooding the continent with hundreds and thousands of potential terrorists?


Finland, too, is trying to regulate the uncontrollable stream of refugees coming from Sweden, but not with much success. Additionally, the Finnish premiere who is a good and believing person, but one without much experience in international policy, and who did act spontaneously and emotionally, prompted by tragic personal reasons, and publicly invited the refugees to his house, literally to his house. What better PR scheme to get potential terrorists on to European soil?

Analysing the activities of Western European leaders with regard to handling the refugee crisis in 2015, one just cannot help being totally taken aback by their ability to do everything in their power to put their own citizens in danger. Mortal danger, for the record.


Op-Ed: It’s Jihad, Europe!

The war against the West is proof of the inept leadership of the Western world. A step by step history of how Islam took over Europe.

Published: Sunday, November 22, 2015 8:20 AM

“Those people are not coming to Europe to live; they are coming to die”.

After Friday November 13, 2015, we are living in a different reality. The reality of a switched off Eiffel tower, evacuated Hanover stadium, shut down Brussels subway, and tanks on the deserted streets of the capital of the European Union.   The people in the West are struggling to live a normal life in surreal circumstances, their minds pulsating with a flashing diagnosis: It’s Jihad, Europe!..

The fifteen lost years: 2000-2015

The escalating real and imminent danger to millions of Europeans did not strike the West out of the blue. It was all building up starting from the 9/11 attacks in New York and is a part of the existing strategy of radical Islam from the end of 1980s on. The success of the 9/11 attack had been a major and victorious landmark of this strategy, major encouragement to the forces of darkness.

But contrary to common sense and despite existing information about the radical Islamists’ plans and the list of their mounting activities, the Islamization of Europe – and the West, still in progress – was allowed to happen, both by the dangerously blinded Western leadership and by a largely naive public.

It is irrelevant to blame the special services for this. With all their shortcomings and occasional failures, the special services, especially the strong ones of the UK, Germany and some other Western European countries – France included – as well as the able special services of Canada and Australia  –  work day and night, with good results information-wise. The problem is what the special services are allowed – or not allowed – to do by their political bosses, by their countries’ leadership. And here is the core of the problem with regard to really fighting a war on terror.

Soon after the 9/11 disaster, from 2003 on, as the experts were realizing how little had been done in practice to prevent the spread of militant Islam, several senior analysts tried consistently to wake up the Western leadership to very real risks of the steady process of the radical Islamist penetration into Western societies – see my article on the issue “Europe: A Dangerous Place to Live”. This analysis has been widely cited in many books and dissertations on counter-terrorism, both in popular and professional publications. At the time of the analysis’ publication, its headline was widely perceived as ‘a bold metaphor’. Just 12 years on, this line has become a very much-used statement in the media, a development that I deeply regret.

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