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Preparing for that islamic brothel in the sky.

His use of playstation was more than likely the means by which he was communicating with his fellow jihadis, the encryption code has proven to be a headache for law enforcement and intelligence communities. The debauchery is telltale jihadi end game scenarios, the 9/11 islamonazi terrorists all binged in the forbidden before murdering the “non-believers“.

NOTE: Live update 23.11.2015: Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam ‘escapes in BMW towards Germany’ as Belgium police arrest 16 people – live news from Brussels and around Europe Brussels at highest terror threat level amid new atrocity fears, as search for Paris attacks fugitive Salah Abdeslam and ‘several others’ goes on – latest

Fugitive Paris jihadist loved gay bars, drugs and PlayStation

The missing Paris jihadist had a taste for gay sex, drugs and PlayStation.

As the international manhunt for 26-year-old Belgian Salah Abdeslam continued, patrons of a gay bar in Brussels told The Sunday Times of London that he was a regular there — known for boozing, smoking hash and flirting with other men.

“We had him down as a rent boy,” a bartender named Julien said of Abdeslam, who’s been on the run since the Nov. 13 attacks on Paris.

Others said he was known for long days playing video games in the bar owned by his killed terrorist brother Brahim in the poor Brussels suburb of Molenbeek.

The brothers’ tastes would appear to make them unlikely ISIS extremists. The terror group brutally punishes homosexuality — often hurling gay men off buildings or stoning them to death — and alcohol or drug use.

More here. H/T: Weasel Zippers

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