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This guy must have been dropped on his head after delivery.

I guess American forces just should have dropped leaflets on him asking him to turn himself in at the nearest US military outpost. NOT.

“Obviously people planning things to attack others is wrong, but there is a process to go on about that. That is why I am looking for a political process.”

Jeremy Corbyn: I’m awaiting an explanation for why Jihadi John was killed

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has suggested he WOULDN’T have ordered the killing of the depraved Islamic State (ISIS) murderer dubbed ‘Jihadi John’.

Jeremy Corbyn and Jihadi JohnGETTY

Jeremy Corbyn has questioned the legality of Jihadi John’s killing

British extremist Mohammed Emwazi, the ISIS militant responsible for brutally beheading a series of Western hostages, was last week revealed to have been wiped out by a US drone strike in Syria.

Officials said they were “99 per cent sure” the jihadist was killed in the action, with Prime Minister David Cameron describing the strike as an “act of self-defence”.

However, left-winger Mr Corbyn – who has been a life-long anti-war campaigner – yesterday said he was “awaiting an explanation” over the legal motive for the attack, signalling that he wouldn’t have ordered a strike to take out the twisted ISIS killer.The Opposition leader told ITV News: “I would only authorise actions that are legal in the terms of international law.”

Asked whether he believed the strike on Emwazi was legal, he added: “I question that. Surely if somebody is doing something wrong you act legally against them.

“If we are setting ourselves up as the West, as in accordance with the UN, with international law and of our own laws, then I think we have to act in accordance with them.

“I am awaiting an explanation of where the legal basis was for that incident that went on.

More here.

NOTE: Concrete proof that intellect and politicians do not go always hand in hand. This man is need of a physiological review of his mental health.

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  1. “…Jeremy Corbyn: I’m awaiting an explanation for why Jihadi John was killed”

    Jeremy, the answer to this question which has so confounded you:

    Jihadi John was killed because he was an even bigger asshole than you are.

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