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The way the fake media and these jackass bureaucrats embedded in the neck of the civil society spin a story, calls for a total Fisking of their account. Let’s begin. 

Police complaint over gym’s Finns-only note

Häme police have received a complaint over a notice put up by a gym in Heinola which said it would not accept immigrants as members. Police will now have to determine whether or not an offence has been committed.

Heinolan Reumasairaalan rakennuksia
A forthcoming reception centre, opening in a former hospital, appeared to spur the Valolinna gym’s announcement that it will not accept immigrant customers.

A Heinola gym is to be investigated over a note it posted in which it said it would not accept any new immigrant members, and would therefore “remain Finnish”. The gym also claimed that it was full.

Police said at the time that they couldn’t investigate as nobody had complained, but now say they’ve received complaints from private citizens.

[TT: The fake media hype the story in order to get the open border types (whiners & miscreants), to file a complaint against this gym-spa operator, so that the intimidation campaign of not only this operator, but others around the country can start in earnest. Everyone must be on board with their agenda in turning Finland into a Sweden-like basket case, there are to be no exceptions.]

A new reception centre is set to open in the same complex of buildings as the Valolinna gym. The complex previously housed a hospital. The owner of the company which owns the property, Juha Kukkonen, said he had been surprised by the strong reaction to his plans to open a reception centre.

“I don’t know if it’s such a terrible thing to encounter a foreign person,” Kukkonen added. “I was surprised that the reaction has been so extreme.”

[TT: The owner of is shocked, just shocked to learn that people are upset of his renting of a space in a former hospital to cash in on the crony money cottage industry for migrants, no doubt he fluffs off the recent events of jihadis infiltrating Europe (Paris massacre) and Finland (recent arrest of one ”asylum seeker” for war crimes in Syria).

No one is being upset about foreigners, just about migrants coming into Finland from hotspots of jihadism. I’m sure Parisians are now as worried as are these Finnish tenants and clients of the health gym-spa.]

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä told Yle at the time that the gym may have been guilty of discrimination.

“This announcement appears extremely unpleasant and unusual. One could think that it is partly racist,” Pimiä said.

“Given the forthcoming reception centre, one could conclude that the announcement is actually intended for there and is an attempt to demonstrate prejudice against immigrants,” Pimiä added.

[TT: Of course this bureaucratic hack (whose in need of standing in the unemployment line) spouts “racism”, it’s according to tactics that she employs the term, even without one shred of evidence. This is how they operate.

A victim put upon by the system needs to be made an example of, and the fake media is a willing participant in the process.]

Police said that the investigation could take some time, and will involve discussions with prosecutors.


NOTE: The owner of the establishment wants it to be clear that his business is not free, is full up, and that it won’t become an edifice to multiculturalism that places islamic norms above traditional Finnish values and customs. He has that right, regardless of whatever Kirsi Pimiä thinks, the law says and the court decides. Even if convicted, the owner of this establishment is correct, and it’s his rights that are being violated by the dim wits in the “non-discrimination ombudsman department.

Kirsi Pimiä, from the Orwellian Ministry of non-justice.

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