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  1. How all these so called experts are so eager to condemn a Prophet Whose coming Christ Himself foretold. They denounce their own religion dud they but know it.

    Freedom of religion was the centre peace of Muhammad’s military expeditions against barbaric terrorists far worse than what we see today. He allowed those who were against them believing in one God 13 years before he permitted self defense and like we do in the west went after those who terrorised, murdered, tortured, raped & sold His followers into slavery. Christ would gave done the same. That is the reason parts of the Quran speak about punishing the wicked. Unbelievers those days were not aetheist a only but serial rapists, child molesters, murderers no torture mongers and anyone who acted that way towards the innocent incurred the wrath of Muhammad even if they professed to be Christians or Jews. All sincere good people were protected by Muhammad. The lies being spread now are directly as a result of gross ignorance or blind ignorance of the truth of Muhammad’s Mission which was to establish a society based on laws instead of barbarism as well as promote freedom of belief.

    If you want to look for killing in the name of God you can find it in Christianity. What were the Papal wars and the Inquisition and the Crusades? What are paedophile priests using ‘prayer lessons’ to sexually abuse children??? Do we blame these atrocities on Christ and the Bible? The Quran is clear about the law against murder and not attacking people just like the Bible. Because some psychopaths do differently has nothing to do with Muhammad or the Quran. People who condemn Prophet Muhammad and thenQuran will one day maybe not in this world regret very deeply they rushed to such judgements which are basically jumping on the ‘bash a Muslim’ bandwagon without careful thought they may be betraying Christ Who prophesied Muhammad. Who dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Muslims? People misuse religion that’s nothing new. But we don’t blame the Bible or the Quran or Bod for people’s evil. Only good comes from God.

    1. For starters, the Christians did speak about “prophets” coming after Christ, calling them false prophets. The Christians believe that such men are driven by satan, who came to deceive, kill and destroy, which fits mohamed’s time on earth to a tee.

      The rest of your screed is so full of dawa crap and misinformation and Orwellian in nature, that it’s difficult to follow. Mohamed stopped with the “no compulsion in religion” as soon as islam became a political ideology, the moment being mo’s hijra from Mecca to Medina, the former Jewish town of Yathrib, where he chopped all their heads off and sold and raped their womenfolk and children (the boys who had any pubic hair were beheaded as well) into slavery.

      Mohamed’s so called “self defense” defense, can be summed up as this: submit yourselves to my allah and islamic rule, with humiliating servitude called dhimmitude, or be brutally murdered. that’s mo’s “self defense” defense. He was a plundering warlord who cast himself as prophet and murdered those who dared to disagree once he had enough men in his ranks.

      Christ did the exact opposite, “turn the other cheek, pray for those who mistreat and abuse you, forgive those who have sinned against you”. Saying otherwise is pure bull crap.

      The ”protection of mohamed” is akin to the protection racket of the mob, i’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse, if you do, i’ll kill you.

      Papal wars and the eventual reformation of the Catholic Church was solely about the CATHOLIC CHURCH AND ITS OWN REFORMATION, not about christianity itself, which needs no reformation whatsoever.

      As for WWII war against the fascist Japanese, if you’re not for the dropping of those bombs, then you’re for the continuation of the carpet bombing which killed far more people than those two bombs, and ended with those two bombs. Facts are stubborn things.

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