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What’s taking place on US campuses is nothing more than classic cultural marxism.

It’s an all out assault on established American cultural institutions that defines what country is. To understand the dynamic taking place, we have to turn to Bill Whittle who explains what exactly is “Political Correctness”. It’s the bulwark protecting, “The Narrative”, by which cultural marxists attack the civil society from a multitude of directions.

Each attack seems independent of the other, supposed racial issues, pseudo gender issues, supposed homosexual rights, feminism, social justice etc etc. and the list goes on, but they’re all related.

The Cultural Revolution at Yale, Part 2 (Part 1 here)

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, November 12, 2015 5:11 AM 

Portrait  of Elihu Yale by Enoch Seeman, circa 1717

Today’s Yale Daily News carries an account headlined, “Race teach-in draws large crowd.”

The “teach-in” (1960s retread phrase), we learn, was organized by “Yale’s four cultural centers.”

For half a nano-second I wondered what they could possibly be. The British Art Center? The Dramat? Hah. Yale’s four cultural centers are as follows: the Afro-American Cultural Center, the Native American Cultural Center, the Asian American Cultural Center and La Casa Cultural.

“Culture” as victim-politics, in other words; and victim-politics as cultural assault. Hence, Yale’s four cultural centers are, namely, four barracks of disaffection with “Yale” as a whole — with Western culture as a whole — where victim-groups form, assemble and drill for the next assault on that, our, culture. One wonders what ground is left to conquer.


As readers know, the use of language as a mechanism of thought control is a subject of abiding interest and alarm in my own work, including in The Death of the Grown-Up and American Betrayal, where the origins of what we inadequately and opaquely call “PC” are examined (example here). Controlling language is the basis of controlling thought, which is the basis of the totalitarian assault on our constitutional liberties, starting with the First Amendment. Freedom of thought, certainly freedom of speech, has perished where it was once thought to be inculcated in liberal arts education.

Lux et veritas? No, ideology uber alles.

To accept, let alone teach, that there exists a set “language with which to analyze these issues” — i.e., a language of re-education that turns pathologies and illnesses into “issues” of supposed urgency and import — is to hijack the mental processes and steer them in the direction of group hysteria. Aggrievement is met with appeasement; appeasement leads to humiliation. The frenzy of the Cultural Revolution springs to mind; this time around, maybe, as the Four Cultural Center Revolution.

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