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Yeah, these events are coopted by Jew haters, that’s why.

Yet another reason why Leftists (and anyone else) who uses the rest of year to slam the Jewish state and turn a blind eye (or join them) to Muslim persecution of Jews and defaming and their symbols, should be banned from leading or participating in commemorative events of Jewish victimization in Europe.

Swedish Anti-Nazi Activists Fail to Invite Jews to Kristallnacht Rally

The November 1938 file photo shwos a group of people standing outside a Jewish-owned shop in an unnamed German town, after the Kristallnacht, when Nazi-incited mass riots left more than 91 jews dead, damaged more than 1,000 synagogues and left some 7,500 Jewish businesses ransacked and looted.


11.09.152:10 PM ET
The organizers of an anti-Nazi rally in Umeå face intense scrutiny for not inviting the local Jewish community out of security concerns.

When commemorating the 77th anniversary of Kristallnacht with an anti-Nazism rally, you’d think perhaps the most obvious people to invite would be Jewish citizens. Not so for organizers in one Swedish city, where a Monday evening event will transpire without the presence of local Jews.

“Umeå Against Nazism” is set to take place in Umeå’s Town Hall Square, timed to the anniversary of the 1938 violent pogrom largely seen as the start of the Holocaust. The event’s organizer, Jan Hägglund, is a local lawmaker and member of the local socialist Workers’ Party.

The decision not to invite local Jews, he said, was because the rally could “be perceived as unwelcoming or unsafe situation for them.” According to Norrköping Tidningar, previous rallies have included Palestinian flags and banners where the Star of David was equated with the Nazi swastika. Another Workers’ Party official told The Jerusalem Post that, in the past, this rally has been “a narrow affair for ‘leftists.’”

More here H/T: Stefan Metzeler

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