Don’t let The Local headline fool you, Sweden is still dumping its muslim settlers into Finland.

Nordic refugee welcome chillier as numbers rise

Nordic refugee welcome chillier as numbers rise

Refugees at Malmö central train station earlier this autumn. Photo: Andreas Hillergren/TT

Published: 09 Nov 2015 07:11 GMT+01:00

Denmark, Norway and Finland – but also Sweden, heretofore especially welcoming to refugees – have begun cutting back the benefits they offer to newcomers while also hardening their asylum policies.

“It seems there’s a certain amount of competition aimed at not offering the most generous social benefits to asylum seekers,” Asle Toje, a Norwegian international relations expert, told the AFP news agency.

Even ultra-liberal Sweden, despite taking in more asylum seekers per capita than any other EU state – expecting around 190,000 this year for a population of under 10 million – has decided to tone down its image of generosity.

In line with the rise of the far-right Sweden Democrats party, the kingdom is now demanding that its European partners share more of the burden, and it plans to harden conditions for reuniting families.

Sweden’s ruling “Social Democrats are worried about losing voters to the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, who were capitalizing on people’s fears over mass migration to Sweden,” said Magnus Hagevi, political scientist at Linné University.

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