Anti-Israel bigotry and bias BBC


This jackass of an interviewer thinks he so cerebral by talking over the person he interviews, his bombast is only equaled by his verbal flatulence. 

Bennett vs. Sebastian – Fighting for Israel in hostile interview

H/T: Brian of London VIA Aussie Dave

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  1. Tim Sebastian, waht an a-hole. So rude. Meanwhile in London, his home, the Muslims are making life dangerous, and difficult. But who cares, I’m here to bash the Jews! lol

  2. Kudos for Naftali Bennett pushing back at this disgracefully aggressive British interviewer. We in Ireland all know how the British colonialists stifled all legitimate debate to glorify their take on how we should all live.

  3. Mr Bennet is 100% correct. The Palestinians are used as a spear head to attack the Jews, to deny the state of Israel, to keep the hatred going! It seems the world around us has a very short memory of the open boarders of Israel, which allowed lots of Palestinian jobs etc, Islamic terror put an end to that, how on earth can that be defended or supported? Left wing media is anti- Semitic & nuts!!!

  4. Sebastian thinks (as all misguided western journalists) that what he calls incitement- (that is freedom of speech) is wrong because Muslims will get frustrated and kill. What an asshole, this reflects the low intellectual capacity of most British media personnel. According to Sebastian’s logic, we could not incite the nazis by mentioning their murderous behavior. The nazis could be offended, heaven forbid. Cause and effect in Mr. Sebastian’s mind is upside down, he is incapable of understanding anything.
    What a shame, it looks like the western world is in complete decay, only fools and anti-Semites like Sebastian are left.

  5. I just watched this TIMTAM Englishman interview someone else and my first opinion of him is he’s a GRADE 1 arsehole endof

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