Swedes taking the matters into their own hands.

Lacking the political mechanism to exert any kind of change, the system is broken/gerrymandered to serve only the ruling consensus, people are beginning to take matters into their own hands, and that’s a dangerous progression, on top of the dangerous situation the government has foisted upon its own people.

Planned refugee shelter burned to the ground

Published lördag 7 november kl 15.35

A planned refugee shelter burned to the ground in Floda, east of Gothenburg, Saturday morning, Swedish Radio’s local channel in Gothenburg reports.

The fire was put out within an hour, but one building was completely destroyed. The shelter was supposed to house about 120 refugees but can now only accommodate 75 people.

“We’re lucky no one was injured. It’s unbelievably tragic that something like this could happen. We depend on these buildings to be able to give shelter to refugees who come here,” Johanna Uhr at the Swedish Migration Board tells Swedish Television News.

Police are still investigating what caused the fire but they believe it was started deliberately.

“We suspect arson,” police spokesperson Jenny Widén told Radio Sweden

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