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Who (as a hero) will then meet the revolving door of the PA penal system and be soon out on the streets before you can say allah akbar.

Palestinian who stabbed Israeli in West Bank surrenders to PA security

tard stabbed jew surrenders to PA 7.11.2015

The assailant who stabbed an Israeli man near a supermarket in the West Bank settlement of Sha’ar Binyamin on Friday has turned himself in to the Palestinian security services, authorities announced on Saturday.

Bara’a Issa stabbed the Israeli civilian near the Rami Levi store and fled the scene.

Shortly after the stabbing, Magen David Adom paramedics reported finding a man in serious condition with stab wounds to his upper body.

Issa posted a video on social media accepting credit for the attack.

In the clip, which in all likelihood was recorded prior to the attack on Friday, he said that his motivation for stabbing the Israeli was “to defend the al-Aksa mosque.”

“On behalf of myself and the Palestinian people, I, Bara’a Issa, a son of Jerusalem, set out to defend the al-Aksa mosque and our holy land,” he said. “I sacrifice myself and dedicate myself to this attack, without any individual or organization guiding me.”

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