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Tribunal hears doctor molested teenage mother as she was breastfeeding her baby

It’s claimed Dr Suhail Habib held the ‘scared’ 17-year-old’s breast for up to three minutes at North Manchester General Hospital

Dr Suhail Habib

A children’s doctor molested a teenage mother as she was breastfeeding her new born baby in a hospital maternity unit, a medical tribunal has heard.

Dr Suhail Habib, 40, rubbed the 17-year old girl’s back before holding her left breast in his hand for up to three minutes, it was claimed.

The youngster – known only as Patient A – was too scared to say anything to staff at theNorth Manchester General Hospital after locum paediatrician Habib allegedly got so close she could smell his aftershave.

She later told her foster mother and her partner and police were called in.

The alleged incident occurred in February 2012 just hours after Patient A had given birth prematurely.

Due to the baby’s weight and concerns over how she was feeding, staff decided to keep Patient A in a cubicle on the labour ward with Dr Habib assigned to carry out routine checks on them.

After the midwife left the patient’s bedside, Dr Habib entered the cubicle without giving his name and started asking the patient questions about her partner, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told.

Dr Habib, from Doncaster. denies the misconduct allegations that his behaviour was sexually motivated. He says it is possible he may have accidentally touched the girl’s breast when passing the baby to her.

He was questioned by police but not charged with any offences in connection to the complaints.

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