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Stop lecturing us, you have absolutely no moral nor rational leg to stand on.

Before opening your mouth, it pays to find out exactly who these people are before you let them into your country. The re-engineering of the civil society is not up to a handful of masterminds and geniuses, it’s up to the people themselves. The prime duty of any Western government is the protection of their civil societies, not the treating of it as a grab bag for socialist utopian experimentation.

How dare you lecture us on the importation of legends of people who have nothing in common with our values and way of life. It’s also well worth mulling over the strength of your logic, are we to be pressured by you and your ilk into accepting an undetermined mass number of Muslims, and what if they just keep coming? What about the tens of millions that will come if you keep the doors open?

What about Christianity in Finland in general, what if allowing a steady stream of Muslims into the country comes at the expense of Christian belief and values of every day Finns (and it will)? This is the problem with Church leaders who are far removed from logic and reason and human history. They’re as radical and detached from reality as the average Leftist radical shouting and banging their drums in the streets.

Archbishop’s powerful statement: “What happened to the Finland, which we are accustomed to?”Image

  • – Integration does not only apply to those coming here. It concerns us all. It is the integration of a new reality, says the Archbishop.

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen has said to the council in his speech that it is misleading to talk of Europe or the Finnish refugee crisis.

– The crisis is there, where people are forced to flee from. Gone is the fear, hopelessness, and stories that are sad and unbelievable. In light of that there’s no crisis. It is unreasonable to talk about a crisis here, and in such a way to make seeking protection as the cause of the crisis, Mäkinen said in his speech.

In the Archbishop’s view, Finland or Europe should not close its borders to safeguard applicants for, as it will only increase the emergence of illegal and inhuman abuses.

 [TT: Apparently he doesn’t know that the vast amount of people coming into the country are men of fighting age, and are not real refugees/asylum seekers, he has access to the internet as much as I do. These are benefit seekers the moment they left the port of entry for elsewhere.]

– It is more important now to create safe and legal routes to Europe, says Mäkinen.

[TT: The Hijra-Jihad is to be given the green light  according to this genius. Nothing it seems will be enough to persuade him otherwise.]

According to the Archbishop,  the arrival of asylum seekers understandably arouse the fears and uncertainty in Finland and in Europe.

– Many understand that there is not a state of emergency here, but a new European and Finnish normal situation. I am not be surprised if it raises threats and uncertainty and fears. What happened to the Finland, which we are accustomed? I recognize the uncertainty in oneself, too. But I am sure that the uncertainty and fear in the reception centers and on European roads, is many times more, Mäkinen said.

[TT: The fact is, our fears are justifiable fears, the ones grounded on personal experience, actual facts, upon verifiable stories even reported in the main stream media. No, it’s the Archbishop’s passive naiviety and tomfoolery, the playing around with people’s lives and their civil society that should be in question here, not us.]

He stressed the importance of hope and encouragement.

– Integration does not only apply to those coming here. It concerns us all. It is the integration of a new reality, in which those seeking security and a place to live, are in many ways the wounded, but also people with a wide range of skills and experience, are part of our everyday life, and a part of us, Mäkinen said.

The archbishop recalled that “there is no separate Finnish and foreigners”.

– It is only the people God created and a redeemed people, he said.

NOTE: He’s totally detached from reality. All this guy has to do is to look at Sweden and see the immense social and economic dislocation these type of utopian re-engineering of society has caused, but no, like all statist minded dopes, he rejects human experience and clings to the vision of how he wants things to be, not what they actually are.

Source UusiSuomi (TT translated) H/T: Kumitonttu

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