Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Scamming the natives to the very end.

Let em go, the reverse hijra jihad is the best possible of outcomes, may all the rest follow their lead!

An about face

Irakilaiset Yaseen Hasan Harfash (oik.) ja Saif Uldin Jomaah.

Märäjälahden reception center director, Päivi Putkonen, says that some asylum seekers have left on a journey for home.

– Some immediately left after a couple of days. One told me that his mother is dying and he wants to go home.

According to Putkonen by then many other asylum seekers told that their mother was dying and wanted to return home. Putkonen thinks that in part it may be for getting sympathy from reception center employees.

– I wondered why they want to leave. If you pay 4 000 for the journey, and not even know if you even survive there, you’d think they’d stay longer in Finland.

Putkonen estimates that part of those wanting to leave that it’s understood that they are not likely to get a permit to stay in Finland.

– If you take 200 Finnish men, in that group it’s a bunch from priests to crooks, just the same here as well.


NOTE: Yeah right, nice moral equivalence with average Finns and a host of Iraqi men who have lied their way since day one upon entering Europe (not staying in the port of entry) and began shopping around for the best benefits available.  Men of fighting age that should be home waging war on the jihadis instead of cutting and running for the bright lights of Europe while the burden of fighting Islamic State falls upon the shoulders of others, like Yazidi and Kurdish women.

It’s all a big scam:

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