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The brazen stupidity of economic illiterates……….

Just like the socialist Sanders


YLE is nothing more than a megaphone for the failed policies of the political status quo elite. It’s disgusting, and it’s all done all the time, and on our dime.

Asylum seekers have brought jobs and money – the salvation of unemployed people in Finland City?

municipalities suffering from Unemployment and empty homes  are receiving economic benefits with asylum seekers. In addition to new jobs, new entrants would also provide a boost to local shops.

Reception Center, a refugee
Photo: Karoliina Haapakoski / Yle

Asylum seekers bring economic benefits, for example, to societies that are wrestling with unemployment . This has been observed, for example, in Kotka.

– I think we have in this situation a moral obligation to take care of our share, but also asylum seekers have a positive economic impact, says service director Jorma Haapanen.

The City Service Director calculates that Kotka has created over 50 new jobs, among other things, in new reception centers.

[TT: This is all a ruse. The “economic benefits” they are describing is just the shifting of the Finnish taxpayers’ money from one program to another, as well as going deeper into debt that future generations will have to pay back.

Fake jobs to handle a situation that wouldn’t have to be handled if feckless politicians weren’t so…feckless, does absolutely NOTHING in growing the economy. You might as well pay two men to dig a useless hole with the other filling it back up again.

Each euro taken from the taxpayer (or borrowed in the ever expanding debt scheme) is money taken from the private sector in wealth creation. Basic economics 101 should be easy to explain and to understand, but these numbskulls are immune.]

Yet in September Kotka, Finland was one of the cities with the highest unemployment rate, 19.4. Also, the city’s economy has been in a bad shape for a long time.

New employment figures come next week.

A jack pot for shops

The state pays the cost of the reception centers, but municipalities receive a small administrative fee. In Kotka, this amount is approximately EUR 200 000 next year.

Asylum seekers are receiving money. Haapanen calculates that in Kotka use of these funds, for example, the local shops or services represents a a jack pot of about two million euros.

The municipality receives money from the state for children’s basic education. The amounts are calculated twice a year. Currently, Kotka has about 15 schoolchildren, who have come after the calculation date. However, the cost of a few tens of thousand euros will come back to the municipality the following calculation day.

[TT: Again, lifting money from one pocket and placing it into another’s does NOTHING to grow an economy, it’s a short lived spurt with nothing else to replenish accept for more artificially infused cash which adds to the physical debt. Money does not grow on trees.

These people are chopping off their noses in spite of their faces. After a short period (2-3 yrs, these same municipalities will be strapped hard for cash, as the reality of unassimilable muslims still on the dole will not be employed, and they have to start funding their upkeep.

Such it is within the boondoggle of the socialist welfare state.]

Creating Rented apartments 

Asylum seekers are also housed in rented housing. For example, the rental of the apartment complex owned by the City of Kouvola, the leader knows the power of the euro.

Each square, which can be rented, for example, to reduce the upward pressure on the other rentals.

– Auvo Viiru

– Kouvola suffers from negative migration, and there are enough empty homes. Each square, which can be rented, for example, to reduce the pressure on other rentals, says Kouvola Housing Ltd’s Managing Director Auvo Viiru.

Kouvola asylum seekers are settled in the rentals of apartment complex that were slated for dismantling, but were liveable apartment buildings. Also, the city’s vocational college in Keltakankaan was an empty real estate, has received new life and urban rental income.

Also Kotka suffers from negative migration, and Kotka City tenement company has had a challenge in finding inhabitants, especially for big family apartments. In Service Director Jorma Haapanen’s opinion, the rented housing for asylum seekers have given the city a few hundred thousand euros now in rent.

[The money it’s receiving (for now) is from the Finnish taxpayer, not from the needles of pine and spruce trees. Soon enough, when the reality bites that these same people are living in rent free housing, and are still not at work, with the municipalities paying their rent themselves, with their words now ring hollow then.

Remember, the reason for the lack of Finns not renting their apartments, is due to the lack of job opportunities that the socialist welfare state is quashing to smithereens. That situation has not turned around and nor will it any time soon.]

The reception center also purchase services

Kotka is currently looking for additional space for asylum seekers. According to Kotka’s Service Director Jorma Haapanen at the end of this year,Kotka is likely to have more than 600 asylum-seekers.

The Finnish Immigration Service calculates that a variety of reception service units such as reception centers or emergency accommodation centers in Finland at the moment to be around a hundred places.

– The reception center will employ, for example, in addition to their own staff, transportation, and food services. The center also often stimulates the economy, because a lot of everyday purchases are made there, says Finnish Immigration Service spokesman, Verna Leinonen.

Increase in the number of asylum-seekers also requires more and more asylum applications processors. The Finnish Immigration Service estimates that at the beginning of next year, a total of 500 handlers have been recruited.

[TT: The hammer will strike the anvil soon enough. There is no such thing as free money, at least in the private sector. There is no actual wealth being created here, this is nothing but the shifting of money around, and these asshats just can’t figure that out, that’s why “stimulus” money giveaways are always short lived experiments.

Yes more money is now in the hands of people, but it was artificially taken away from them in larger sums, and artificially implanted in communities that are not going to benefit from new job creation (that creates new wealth). This will all come crashing down on their heads, as it must.]

NOTE: A TT translated article

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