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And stupid, short sighted, feckless politicians here will hand it to them on a platter. Just wait and see.

Finnish Muslims would like be taxed like the Lutheran Church

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Finland’s Muslims would like the right to tax themselves, like the Lutheran Church. With the help of taxation Muslims believe that they can better rotate small mosques and provide better service to the Muslim minority. Changes in the Tax Law would require changes to the law.

There’s about  80 small mosques and Muslim prayer rooms in Finland functioning presently mainly enabled by volunteers and membership fees. The work is sometimes difficult – also in the Mellunkylä Resalat community located in Helsinki, which is one of Finland’s largest Muslim communities.

– We know how hard we have it, for example, to run this place. To get donations from people, says Resalat-colony Imam Abbas Bahmanpour.

The financing of mosques might be eased, as the Finnish Islamic Council (SINE) is preparing a proposal in which the mosques of Finland would receive the right to tax themselves in the way of the Lutheran Church. The work, according to Anas Hajjar, President of SINE is just beginning.

– I think the tax would require some central body which would receive these funds, and the party would distribute them to mosques. Taxation would solve many problems in relation to cash. People forget to pay membership fees, but still they are waiting for services, Anas Hajjar says.

With the help of taxation mosques could, inter alia, hire workers to perform funerals and weddings.

– Much has been said in the past, inter alia, the training of imams. It can not be assumed that people are studying for a long time and then come to work as a volunteer, Anas Hajjar says.

Taxation would require changes in legislation,

Responsible for Church affairs and religious communities in the Education and Culture Ministry told that the matter is so broad that mosques taxing would require a thorough public debate and amendments to existing law.

– Yes, this is obviously very much a political question that this should be made as a political decision, the Ministry of Education Senior Officer Joni Hiitola says.

– If this is going to be implemented, all registered religious communities need to be on the same footing, says Hiitola.

Although all Muslims in Finland do not believe in taxation will bring relief to the financing of mosques, many people would be satisfied with the same official position of the Lutheran Church and the Orthodox Church..

– It would be nice if the status of mosques would be mainstreamed in the same way as the Church, says Resalat-Society Imam Abbas Bahmanpour.

– It would create a feeling that I’m as good as with the other. If Christians have great churches, so why shouldn’t  the Muslims have nice mosques, says Bahmanpour.


H/T: Kumitonttu Translated by TT

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