Finnish Immigration Concerns Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS


The stories keep on coming.

“Naivety in Finland” – ​​MTV: asylum seeker crime spikes in Helsinki

The police are investigating a number of crimes, in which asylum seekers arriving in Finland are suspects. MTV News reported on the matter.

According to MTV News that the Helsinki police alone, have within a short time had criminal investigations on  assaults, theft, unlawful threats, pocket theft and sexual harassment, which is focused on teenage girls.

In almost all cases, those suspected of these offenses are Iraqi men who came as asylum seekers to Finland.

Helsinki Police Department verified the information to MTV news. The police have received information on assaults taken place in Helsinki in reception centers , but also other types of crimes.

– These offenses concerned are now beginning to increasingly appear. Mutual bickering  between asylum seekers and  crime caused by them only increase. The threats should be better understood. There has been much naievity and unimaginable worrying an unnamed police source tells MTV news.

According toMTV News, police sources say that only a fraction of the crimes committed by asylum-seekers have come to the surface.

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