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They can’t even manage to say that “3 Jews were murdered by Arabs in J’lem.”

The Finnish media (especially the state media) are pathetic. They refuse to name the victim and the perpetrator in the same headline. But when Israel is the active role in the story, then it’s “Israel kills Palestinian” ect….

In Jerusalem three die in Palestinian attacks – the violence intensified from day to day

Israel’s Homeland Security is considering the isolation of  the Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. The violence began about a month ago from rioting on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The place is holy to both Jew and Muslim.

The Israelis policemen guarding the house from the roof of Jerusalem vanhaakaupunkin 8 October 2015.
Israeli policemen guarding the old city of Jerusalem from the roof of a house on 8 October 2015.Photo: Abir Sultan / EPA

Palestinian attackers killed on Tuesday at least three people and wounded several in attacks in Jerusalem and near Tel Aviv, Israeli police told news agencies.

In Jerusalem two Palestinian men got on a bus and began to stab and shoot people at random. Two Israelis were killed and at least four were wounded. According to Reuters, another of the attackers were killed and one was captured.

Almost at the same time a separate attack took place, in which a Palestinian man drove towards a  bus stop situated in the center of Jerusalem, got out of his car and began to stab pedestrians. At least one died and six were injured. According to police, the attacker was “neutralized”, which is explained in more detail.

YLE (TT translated)

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