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A great example as to why UNRWA should be disbanded, as well as a classic example of how state organs in general should be the focus of any ”hate speech” laws (if there are going to be such laws on the books), not the private citizen. Calls for murder and mayhem through official state channels have always been the precursor to genocide of a people, as has been the case throughout history.

UNRWA Teachers Continue Glorifying Palestinian Terror on Facebook, Despite Complaints

UNRWA employee Hiba M. Miari's Facebook page featuring an image glorifying the recent spate of Palestinian stabbing attacks. Photo: Couresty, Elder of Ziyon

OCTOBER 12, 2015 12:51 PM

Pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon, who serves as a watchdog for antisemitic and anti-Zionist activity on social media, this week uncovered two cases of U.N.-employed teachers posting artwork “romanticizing the wave of stabbings by Arabs of Jews in Israel recently.”

In the first instance, highlighted by Elder on Sunday, Lebanese teacher Hiba M. Miari, who apparently is an instructor for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), as well as for Beirut Arab University, updated her cover image to include a cartoon of a man in typical Palestinian demonstrator garb — a plain, long-sleeved shirt and black-and-white Yasser Arafat keffiyeh worn as a balaclava — strumming a serrated knife as if it were a violin with an elongated antique key.

The key is a traditional symbol for the Palestinian struggle to ensure the right of those individuals who fled or were exiled in 1948 to return to their pre-Israel homes, while the knife has seemingly become the arme de choix among Palestinian assailants of Israelis in Jerusalem and the West Bank of late.

“UNRWA teacher Hiba Miari of Lebanon wasted no time to make this ‘artwork’ her Facebook [cover] image,” wrote Elder.

“Will UNRWA discipline her, as they promise to for the many cases like these that I uncover, or will they just silently have the pages removed and cover up the incident, as they have been?” asked the blogger, before adding, “But they don’t care.”

And on Monday, Elder showed UNRWA staffer Souhaib Fayyad with an updated profile picture that featured Facebook’s iconic “thumbs-up” grasping a dagger. Fayyad lives in Gaza.

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