Finnish Immigration Concerns Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden


There’s a real confidence builder for you.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are being infiltrated by jihadis from the Islamic State, and from elsewhere and we are going to be paying the price for this tomfoolery for decades to come. They have thrown open the flood gates and letting in who knows what, and we’re supposed to remain quiet about it??!!!

NOTE: These people are still pouring over the Finnish border from Sweden.

Swedish police stumped: Half of the refugees are lost

A large part of the influx of refugees to Sweden have disappeared from the system say authorities. These individuals are prone to commit crimes, as well as becoming victims of crime.

Police looking at mainly asylum-seekers from Syria and Iraq walking from Denmark to Sweden on 9 September. Photo: Benjamin Nolte / EPA

According to Swedish police, as many as half of the refugees arriving in the country are not seeking asylum in Sweden, but have fallen out of sight of the authorities. The mater is told to Swedish Television SVT.

Nearly 40 000 people have applied for asylum in Sweden since the beginning of September. According to the estimation by the Swedish police, up to as much people have arrived in the country, but they have not applied for asylum, and the police do not know their whereabouts. Some of them are undoubtedly shifted to other countries, but some remain secretly in Sweden.

– To many this troublesome (TT: vexing). Some of the newcomers are those which really should apply for asylum, but for one reason or another, fail to do so. It is also possible that they are staying here illegally, we do not know who they are and what they are doing, says the department head of the Swedish border police, Patrik Engstrom.

The police fear that these lost people will commit crimes, or exposed themselves to crime or other exploitation.

– This group very rarely is seeking safety in society, even if they are themselves victims of crimes or exploitation in other ways. Abuse can happen, for example, in that they are used as cheap labor, Engstrom says.

The Swedish authorities have stepped up actions so that all seven police districts have reported the numbers of immigrants to the operational police department. The aim is to get a clearer picture of where people are moving.

– We see continually how trains and ships arriving with people disappear. We also see how at assembly points people who seek out, for example, children and take them along.This is a very worrying development, Engstrom says.


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