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Sweden is lost.

Immigrants running amok in Malmö: This will end the Swedish state

Keskisuomalainen (TT: Central Finland newspaper) reports on ​​immigration issues in Sweden. Malmö’s Rosengård district is a 90-percent populated by immigrants. Most are Iraqis and Bosnians as well as others coming from former Yugoslavia.

The area has been in the news many times. For example, last Christmas on the same corner a series of four bombings were seen within five hour period on the same day.

– Do you understand that you are no longer on Swedish territory, asks a young man upon or arriving to the notorious quarter of the Rosengård suburb.

– This is still Sweden and from here on, no. Aren’t you scared? This is Sweden’s most dangerous place, a young man bristles at me.

I readily admit to be in fear of the guard from the breakaway region in Sweden and his friends in the area.

– But we are all people here, I say gently.

The situation can be ignited as soon as I ask about the Swedish police jurisdiction in the area. The gang is clearly excited about.

– The police move in larger four-car patrols. If there are a lot of us in sight, the cops never leave their cars. They did not dare, one of the men says.

In the square where we stand, there is a round-the-clock police surveillance video. The apartment building where the camera is fastened, has been cleared for use by the police, the men claim.

Sweden’s societal equality is considered a myth.

– Sweden is a shitty country. For example, some time ago one of us was wounded in the leg in a shooting. An ambulance was called, but it didn’t arrive until an hour later. The victim was forced to take himself to the hospital, says one gang member.

Ambulance drivers are afraid of the area, because one ambulance had rocks thrown at it a few years ago in Rosengård’s school. Also, fire trucks come to the area but only with the presence of the police, claims the local newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Rosengård unrest has been focused in the Herrgårdenin area in which 96 per cent are foreigners. Nearly half – 47 percent – of the population is 0-18 years of age. Only 15 percent of adults have a job.

Close the school the children moved elsewhere

Darine Chouaib works as a teacher at a local school and has seen up close the way the spiral of exclusion is progressing.

– The basic problem is that people have been isolated here. I myself did not have any other alternative when I moved from Denmark to Sweden in practice, other than Rosengård. I only got an apartment from here.

– The local school should be closed immediately and move the children to other schools, the midst of Swedish children. At least my own children would like to get out of here. In Denmark, they were in the midst of Danish kids, here they are with only immigrants.

– There are only people  here who have fled war, hunger and poverty. When people like these are raising children, they do it so as much as they can, but often they have all kinds of fixations.

– When the children of such families spend all their time just with each other, problems begin to accumulate, Chouaib summarized.  (TT: Trans)

H/T: Jukka Ketonen



Islam is present in the area

Ethnic Swedes live and move around in the area. The gang has no objection to their presence. On the contrary, in the young men’s view immigrants and the native population should live more among one another.

Although Rosengård has a strong Muslim majority, no more specific signs of religious radicalization is noticeable. Gang members seem more like American slum hip-hop gangsters than Isis fighters.


Islam is still present in Rosengård, and will not be leaving anytime soon. At least one of gangs were very closely informed about events in the Middle East, and believed it to be a conspiracy against Muslims.

– Is Isis in accordance with Islam? No. It was only created to denigrate Islam, a man states with a flaming glance.

– Behind everything is the United States and Israel. Look at the dollar bill, it has drawn the evil eye of Horus, which comes with Egyptian mythology. The banknote reads “In God we trust” that is, in God we trust. But what God? he quizzes.

 NOTE: Dollars to doughnuts he couldn’t explain why and where Islamic State gets Islam all wrong, and for whatever the reason, refused to answer honestly, the Finnish journalists questions. It’s more likely that he agrees with Islamic State, or at least idolizes their brutality.

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