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Ulkoministeri, perussuomalaisten puoluejohtaja Timo Soini puhui Työmiehen tuumaustunnilla Helsingissä perjantaina 25. syyskuuta.

The proper response would be for a unified PS (Finns Party) front to lay that ace on the table, if the government continued to behave irresponsibly, they would consider leaving the government, THEN, make their case to the people of why it’s important to trust them to follow through on their pledges to reign in on mass immigration. If done right, the overwhelming majority of people who are entirely fed up with what’s going on, and would back them up to the hilt.

But instead, like the squishy GOP led RINO leadership in the U.S., led by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, who made it clear at the very beginning of the last midterm elections victory that handed the GOP both houses in Congress, they were not going to use the power of the purse (government shutdown) to challenge Obama.

The Finns Party is throwing away a serious chance to gain the Finnish people’s respect and admiration for standing up for its principles, and forcing the will of the people upon the jackasses of the ruling government to heed their demands.

NOTE: A perfect picture for Soini with his hands up in surrender mode. He would rather surrender at the front, than to leave it momentarily in regrouping for a new assault. An overwhelming people’s mandate for the Finns party would sweep away much of what they promised to tackle, and now they’re fumbling the football in the end zone.

Soini: Leaving government would be desertion from the front

Timo Soini does not warm to Sebastian Tynkkynen’s idea of ​​a crisis meeting to reconsider the party’s remaining in the government.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, the True Finns party leader Timo Soini spoke Worker tuumaustunnilla Helsinki on Friday, 25 September.
Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Finns party leader Timo Soini
Friday, 25 September. Photo: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva

According to president of The Finns Party, Timo Soini, the party does not need any extra emergency meeting. Vice-President Sebastian Tynkkynen’s views raised about resigning from the government due to its performance on its migration policy and contradictions in its Government Programme, are to be discussed in the next National Executive meeting.

– [A separate] Meeting is not required. The party has a strong mandate, from its members as well as that of the nation’s, Soini believes.

Leaving government according to Soini’s would be that irresponsible and bring Finland into a political crisis.

– I think it would be desertion from the front lines to leave the government in the current immigration situation. The Finns are in the government based on the results of the election, and this is accepted by the party’s decision-making bodies without a vote.

Soini commented while at the Conservative Party Conference in Great Britain via aid of a text message.

Vice-chairman of The Finns Sebastian Tynkkynen and chairman of the parliamentary group Sampo Terho discuss the subject today, A-studio, TV1 at 21.00.

NOTE: The country is already in a serious political crisis, taking it to the people for them to decide would be the rational, and RIGHT thing to do.

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