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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Well wishers tried to rob me!

12105712_688224654643436_116467816526190I was returning to Helsinki from the CLOSE THE BORDERS!  demonstration on Alexander street, and I asked the riot police, dare I go to my car. The answer was yes, go ahead.

I walked. At the Porthania corner I ran into the so-called anti rasist, “well wishers group of masked men, maybe 100-200 extremist well wishers. Shouts began: “fascist!” – And something in Spanish – and my name – “Kaukinen!”. One antifascist tried to spit in my face, but I got my arm up in time. Another tried to kick, but I got through the crowd.

I looked behind me and no one was left behind me. I was wrong. Suddenly, my purse was being pulled, and I turned around. Press firmly on the strap of my handbag, the robbery wasn’t going to succeed so easily – politically motivated – face covered well wishing criminal enterprise – in front of me were three masked men.

I’m not quite sure what happened, a male bystander on my left came to help. The handbag stayed with me. Antifa shouted something like, “This woman is a fascist!”. I continued my journey. Another male bystander began to follow me, but I lost him in a store. I got into the car. I noticed that my hands were bleeding. I left to drive home.

On the way home I called the operator for the number of the police for attempted robbery. Helsinki police phones were already closed. I then phoned the emergency call center and to a MTV reporter and I then decided to make a formal complaint next week.

Three masked antifa attacked a middle-aged woman with a handbag. Yes, what a manly action! Not to mention the fact that here you see it as a well wishers’ love: violence towards weaker. A big group attacked one. Quite the scum.

The case was clearly a politically violent motivated attempt and an attempted robbery. This probably goes within the framework of the law, which came into effect 1.10. – The question was of three persons, who were masked and who tried to rob. So, a organizational criminal activity.

More here in Finnish

YLE reports no disturbances. Yeah…..right.

Small-scale demonstrations for and against refugees in four cities

Peaceful in all four locations

The demonstrations proceeded peacefully in all four locations. In the eastern city of Mikkeli, the demonstrations broke up quickly, and in southern Lahti, the police only took a few intoxicated demonstrators into custody out of the more than one thousand people who turned out.

In the capital city, things also stayed calm once the groups were separated. Saturday shoppers felt comfortable enough to walk through the square during the demonstrations. Three people were remanded in Helsinki as of 4 pm, after one of the three kicked in a police car’s headlight. After 5 pm, both groups left Narinkkatori to march separately.

3 Responses

  1. Helsinki police phones closed? How can that possibly be?

    Aren’t police stations meant to be accessible 24/7?

    What the *&^%$%&^*!!

  2. And your a fascist for wanting your borders sealed against these uninvited and unwelcome people – a people who don’t integrate – with a culture and values totally foreign to a democratic country?

    Finland needs to wake up pronto or there will be nothing bu trouble from now on.

  3. Dear Ms. Kaukinen, next time fix a bodyguard or a big doggy when endeavouring in this kind of public gatherings. This kind of parasitic scum, most likely on social wellfare and hired to demonstrate there, needed some extra cash from you to fund a binge in the nearest squatting house. You were just lucky there, it’s the world we live in nowadays.

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