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This is how the Left behaves, whether they belong to ultra-nationalists or ultra-internationalists.

Video shows: group of anti-racism opponents attack lone man

antifa black shirts attacks man filming their protest.

Friday 10.2.2015 at 18.14

The video shows how members of anti-racism and Close the Borders groups in Tampere’s Koskipuisto in a skirmish.

[TT: This is in direct contradiction of not only the IL’s own headline, but the video emed they provided. It was a group of black shirt thugs beating up a lone cameraman]

 Earlier in the afternoon,  former UN soldier Juha Mäenpää  told Iltalehti (IL) that a member of Zero Tolerance of Racism group snatched a phone belonging to a Close The Borders demonstrator in Koskipuisto park. According to Mäenpää, the phone was taken suddenly during a demonstration. The video generated a skirmish between the counterparties.

– A member of the Close the Borders group had his cell phone taken, and the police refused to make a report of the offense in the park, Mäenpää told a Iltalehti reporter after the skirmish .

Marko Parkkola who lost the phone confirmed it happened just a moment ago.

– I do not have my cell phone now, says Parkkola.

Inspector Ismo Nykopp says in Tampere, that the police has no knowledge of any violence nor has anyone been transferred to jail.

Today in Tampere those for and against demonstrated about the current asylum policy, a total of more than 400 people. Most were anti-racism activists.

IL  H/T: Vasara Hammer

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