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He’s also advising the current Finnish Prime Minister.

This is the bureaucratic hack who’s working against pro-Israel voices in the (state) Lutheran Church, and now we find out that he’s acceptable to the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation to head one of their funded agencies under the auspices of the UN.

NOTE: He’s anti-Israel, so he must be already sharia compliant enough (read = dhimmi stooge) for the OIC to select him to the post. And as the headline shows, he sticks to failed memes like a fly to wet paint.

The Prime Minister’s special representative: “Isis is recruiting loners, asylum seekers need to get to work at once”

Antti Pentikainen met with representatives of the Government of the Government Palace in Helsinki. He, the EU should make already more than mere declarations on the Mediterranean crisis.
Antti Pentikainen met with representatives of the Government at the Government Palace in Helsinki. According to him, the EU should already be making more than mere declarations on the Mediterranean crisis.

Pentikainen has had an action packed week in the Prime Ministers entourage. He was involved, among other things, in the EU’s Prime Ministers’ meeting in Brussels and at the end of the week, he traveled back to New York, where he lives with his family.

Pentikainen is on leave from his position of Executive Director of Finn Church Aid. He started in the spring, in New York, as director of a three-year job as the leader of a religious and traditional community leaders network.

The network set up by UN and the OIC, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, supports peace work, inter alia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

“Recently, it has been noted that there is no conflict that is able to be solved at the national level. What’s more effective is their settlement at the grassroots level, in religious and tribal communities.”


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