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  1. Those kids have been brain washed by Islam. They want the nation that they were born and raised in to become an Islamic state with Sharia law. They want Sharia law to supersede a nation’s constitution and the rights it guarantees to its people. These kids are Islamic sympathizers that will one day turn on their neighbors. The leadership of Europe, Australia, Canada and the US need to pay very close attention to what these boys were saying. There will be a Fifth Column in every nation to wreck havoc if these people will not pledge their allegiance to the nation they live in. In my opinion what these boys are saying is amounting to treason. If ISIS came to their country they would not fight to defend it’s freedoms, instead they would be trying to kill their neighbors in the name of Allah.

  2. I would like to be informed of your articles and posts. Humanity is divided between those who live responsive to higher perceptions and those who are still trapped in lower bio-psychic perceptions rigidly enforced by a narrow, exclusive mind-set. The psychological war is already being waged and its outcome will determine the immediate future of humanity and maybe the long-term future. M. Robbins

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