Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Fake refugees in Oulu didn’t get the memo, they started their own protest but on the food itself.

tards reject finnish food

Asylum seeker hunger strike

The front pages of evening papers Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat featured reactions and reports about the hunger strike that some 350 Iraqis have threatened to start. Yle reported on Wednesday that 359 Iraqi asylum seekers who are staying at a former army barracks are planning a hunger strike to protest Finland’s decision to freeze all asylum applications by Iraqis and Somalians while authorities review and update asylum guidelines.

The protesting asylum seekers in Lahti were quoted saying they want compatriots across Finland to join the protest.

According to Iltalehti tens of asylum seekers gathered outside the Oulu police station to join in the protest. Some protesters said that the food was inadequate.

Iltalehti interviewed the Hiukkavaara (Oulu) reception centre unit’s deputy director Janne Salmi who concurred that not everyone was happy with the food, saying that they were fed “normal” Finnish food. It turns out that the food served is the same type of food that is offered in schools and day care centres across the country.

He told the paper he wasn’t sure why the food has become a point of resentment for some of the asylum seekers.

“It’s difficult to take a position,” Salmi said. “but obviously basic Finnish food does not taste as good as they expected.”


NOTE: Pics taken from Jukka Ketonen FB page

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