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Asylum seekers menu is changed to be more pleasant for immigrants

Oulu Serviisi, responsible for providing meals for asylum seekers’ edits the menu for the emergency accommodation center. A variety of rice is changed, salad added and porridge in the morning will be omitted. A group of asylum seekers protested because of poor food on Wednesday night.

Protesters in front of the police building in Oulu.
Asylum seekers expressed their dissatisfaction with the offered food on 30 September in Oulu. Image: Yle

Serviisi of Oulu and the Finnish Red Cross have jointly planned changes to the food list at the emergency accommodation unit which will better suit asylum seekers.

At the beginning of next week food being offered will be amended so that, inter alia, breakfast porridges are omitted, the variety of rice is replaced and at the same time increase the use of vegetables. F will be sent to the Emergency accommodation premises in the future  except the number of asylum seekers, and according to the age. Adults eat, of course, more than children and men more than women.

The food offered to asylum seekers is prepared in Oulu by the Hiirosenkodin, Oulunsuu and Hintan school kitchens in three emergency accommodation units, which are located in Vallinkorva, Hiukkavaaraa and Kastelli.

in Oulu, a group of about 70 asylum seekers protested on Wednesday evening because of bad food.


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  1. I can’t afford such a diet,but we’re just Europeans not holy enough for the Finnish government.

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