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The jackboot to the throat awaits.

Just imagine a scenario where you couldn’t condemn the political ideology of marxists/ism, socialists/ism and Nazis/ism because they prayed to some deity. Then and only then you’ll begin to understand the disingenuousness and monstrousness of the political straight jacket the self anointed elite have for you/us.

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Legislation concerning organized criminal groups will be clarified from the beginning of October

Legislation concerning organized criminal groups will be clarified from the beginning of October, when the definition of organized criminal group that has been in the penal code covering participation in organized criminal group is moved to the paragraph concerning aggravating circumstance. Other laws covering organized criminal groups will in the future refer to this paragraph.

Unifying the paragraphs will make the enforcement of them easier, which on its part will make prevention of organized crime more effective.

As a consequence, organized criminal group will mean a group of three people at minimum, cohesive for a certain period and structurally unified, which works in concert to commit crimes. The crimes mentioned in the law include those with minimum penalty of four years imprisonment, and incitement against ethnic or other group and threatening a person involved in the course of justice.

Paragraphs involving organized criminal groups deal with committing a crime as a part of organized criminal group. Henceforth, the currently used statement about committing the crime as a part of criminal group will no longer be used.

H/T & translation: Vasara Hammer:

“What it means is that they can prosecute anyone providing you a tip containing “incitement” against ethnic or religious group. One additional thing… A few years back they added a crime called “gross incitement against ethnic or other group” with maximum penalty of four years in jail. This gives the police better reason to conduct house searches, confiscate your computer and make you sit in jail while waiting for interrogation. In the old law, this never happened to the “freedom of speech criminals”. Markus Jansson has had his computer confiscated by the police based on the incitement law.

NOTE: This is what the authorities will use against those of us warning about the dangers of Islam, in spite of the evidence provided that bolsters our position. As in the Halla-aho case, it’s been proven that the truth is no longer an adequate defense, and that the government will pursue political prosecution against someone even if Muslims themselves don’t lay any charges.

It doesn’t matter to these self anointed elites that you haven’t anything personal against people from different regions of the world, That you’re just objecting, and rejecting, the ideology that they bring with them, as being alien and detrimental to your society. They couldn’t give a rat’s ass about that, you’re to be impugned, smeared and tarred as objectionable yourself, and punished, severly. Just wait and see how this all turns out.


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  1. To quote Kurt Kobane,
    “Just because your paranoid, don’t mean they ain’t after you.”

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