Finland Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


And the Finnish PM, what does this genius have to offer in the way of assurance for the good people of Finland, get the UN involved to ferret out the real refugees, when they can’t even do that with the paleostinians, of which only 150 000 – 200 000 are left (not the +5 million number often touted today).

More migrants on Friday than in nearly a century

The Finnish Red Cross reports that the first 200 asylum-seekers to have arrived in Tornio have been housed in emergency facilities. The number of migrants arriving in Finland today Friday is the highest in a single day since the Russian Revolution.

Video: Turvapaikanhakijoita kävelemässä hätämajoitustilaan Torniossa.

At least 800 asylum-seeekers are expected to arrive in Tornio in Lapland today Friday. The first 200 arrivers were housed successfully this afternoon in a local sports hall and office building.

Of the 11,000 asylum-seekers to enter the country so far this year, 6,700 are from Iraq, as is the majority of those arriving in Tornio now, the Immigration Service says.

The Finnish Red Cross says that most of those entering Finland have walked across the border from Sweden. Bus services are being organised from Umeå and Luleå in Sweden.

The 800-1,000 migrants coming into Finland this Friday represent the largest number of asylum-seekers to enter the country during a single day since 1919, when people fled the Russian Revolution.

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  1. If the Muslim invaders are marching into Finkand from Sweden, then it is clear indication that Sweden is already part of umma, and the muhahifdeen are required in Finland.

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